Viper's Kiss

Viper's Kiss - Shannon Curtis Viper's Kiss involves a librarian who is accused of being a spy and stealing secret technology. While I liked the overall story idea, I'm not sure this one really worked for me. I know I would have liked this one had it been a bit longer and there was more time to get t know both Maggie and Luke. Their relationship just seemed forced and not believable. I didn't really like Maggie or Luke. Maggie kept contradicting herself and that got annoying. First, she says she won't sleep with someone until she has known them 90 days. Then all of a sudden, she is jumping into bed with Luke after knowing him a few hours. I just didn't see that happening. I mean, there was attraction, but after one kiss, she is giving up her virginity? Then she says she can't imagine life without him, but later tells him she needs to step back and evaluate her feelings.

Luke is kind of a boring hero. Other than his good looks, I didn't see much about him that was likable. He has this gut instinct that tells him Maggie isn't Viper, but he is easily swayed to not trust her by the smallest amount of evidence. I think that he totally over-reacted in the end when Maggie says she wants some space to make sure their relationship is one that can last. Also, for a security expert, he was a bit slow on proving Maggie wasn't the real Viper. The identity of Viper seemed to be something that could be cleared up very easily and that was frustrating for me. As I said, had this been longer and had more back story, I would have liked it more. It's a quick read, so you can judge for yourself.