Sleepwalker - Karen Robards Review published on From the TBR Pile March 6, 2012

Was Sleepwalker the best book of Ms. Robards that I have read? Not really, but I did enjoy it. Micayla and Jason have a very instant attraction to each other, despite being on opposite sides of the law. I loved Jason's character. I could actually understand his motivation for why he became a thief and didn't really fault him for it. Micayla's character was a nice change from the naive virginal women I have been reading about lately. She is tough and not afraid to go after what she wants. I liked that. Their banter was very amusing at times. I could definitely see them as a couple.

Overall, the mystery was pretty good. It takes place over about 3 days, so it is pretty fast paced. There are a couple of twists that kept me guessing. I had two issues with the book. One, I had a really hard time believing that Micayla never figured out that Uncle Nicco was a big time mob guy and that her bosses in law enforcement never tried to use their relationship to their advantage. That part really didn't fly with me. What did she think he did for a living and why all the big goons for security? The other thing that grated on my nerves was Micayla's nickname. Every time she was referred to as "Mick", I kept picturing a guy in my head. It is a guy name after all. I'm not a fan of nicknames in general, but using a guy's name for a girl nickname drives me batty.

The audio version was pretty good. I think most fans of Ms. Robards will want to give this one a try.