Wallflower: A Novel about Berlin at the Time of the Fall of the Wall

Wallflower: A Novel about  Berlin at the Time of the Fall of the Wall - Holly Jane Rahlens Wallflower is a pretty quick read. I read it in an afternoon. It takes place soon after the fall of the Berlin wall. Molly is an American who is in Germany with her father. She is planning on leaving and returning to America soon because she is feeling lost and doesn't fit in. Before she leaves she sets out on a trip to East Germany to find the house her mother grew up in. During this quest, she meets Mick, as in Jagger, and it is like, or maybe love, at first sight. During the 4 hours they spend together, Molly really opens up and learns that she can fit in.

This book was very interesting because the author draws a lot of comparisons between East and West Germany. You get a real sense of what it was like right after the wall came down. Especially the uncertainty of what the future will bring for those who have been in the East for their whole lives. I remember when the wall fell. It was an exciting event, but I never really thought about how it really impacted the people living right there or how it took a long time for changes to really be made.

I definitely recommend this one. It is a sweet story about 2 people on opposites sides who find friendship on a train. I only wish it were longer!