Ketchup is a Vegetable: And Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves

Ketchup is a Vegetable: And Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves - Robin O'Bryant I don't think I have laughed so much while reading a book in a long time. Ketchup is a Vegetable: and Other Lies Mom Tell Themselves is full of tales and anecdotes from the author who is the mother of 3 small children. She discusses everything from breast feeding to talking about sex with your young child. I think most mothers will find this book very amusing and will find themselves nodding their head over and over. I know I did! Her honesty and frankness about subjects from the sacred nap time (I hated when that ended!) to wanting to find peace in the bathroom were so refreshing. I felt like I was having a conversation with a close friend.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the conversation the author has with her child about child birth. I thought back to the uncomfortableness that I felt when my oldest (who was 4 at the time) asked how her brother came out of my belly. As I was reading her story, I was thinking back to my situation and just found myself rolling with laughter. I definitely recommend this one to any mother who needs a good laugh. I challenge you to find something in here that you can't relate to...I know I will win.