Blaze of Winter

Blaze of Winter - Elisabeth Barrett Blaze of Winter picks up right where Deep Autumn Heat leaves off. I enjoyed this one as much as the first. Theo Grayson, who happens to be Seb's twin brother, has decided to move back to Star Harbor to try to break through his writer's block. Unable to concentrate while living on his brother's house boat, he moves into the Star Harbor Inn. There he meets Avery Newbridge and it is love at first sight, or at least it's lust. Avery doesn't want to get involved. She has come to help her aunt with the inn and get her head back on straight after a tragedy at work.

I loved Theo and how he just seemed to know Avery so well. I will admit to not liking Avery at first. I know one can expect self doubt when when something happens at work that makes you question your judgement, but I thought she was a bit too insecure for a social worker. Honestly, I didn't blame Theo for walking away when she thought he was breaking up with her. She did redeem herself in the end and I loved their HEA.

As in the first one, there is a little mystery. Weird noises are heard in the inn and things are moving on their own. Is it a ghost or is someone playing a joke? You'll have to read to find out. I will say that the solution involves a story arch that I think may play out in all four books.

Ms. Barrett is a wonderful writer and I know she has a bright future! I look forward to the next book, Long Simmering Spring, due out next May!