Just for the Summer

Just for the Summer - Jenna Rutland I was so in the mood for a good romance this week and boy I got one with Just for the Summer. The book is well written and I stayed up late to finish it. The story isn't just a romance; it's about hope and second chances. I loved the flirtation between Dani and Matt. It was fun and really heated up the passion between the two. I was really rooting for them and hoping they could work things out.

Along with the romance, there is a very emotional component to the book. I liked Dani. As a mother, I can't even imagine what a woman goes through when she decides to give up her child for adoption. I respected Dani for her decision and the reasons behind it. During the scene when she has to say goodbye to Sam for the second time in her life, I actually cried. I can't remember the last time that has happened to me while reading a book.

I definitely think that Entangled Press has found a winner in debut author, Jenna Rutland. She has a bright future and can't wait to visit Lake Bliss again!