Most Likely to Succeed

Most Likely to Succeed - Kate Davies The series revolves around a ten year high school reunion. Kelsey, Bree and Tess are long time friends who graduated together Kelsey was the brain of the trio. She had a full ride scholarship to college, but circumstances made her stay home and help her mother out. Her best guy friend and lab partner, Nathan got out and has been traveling the world. When Nathan and Kelsey get together, she is reluctant to tell him what she has been up to.

It was fun to see Kelsey and Nathan look at each other differently after ten year. The chemistry between them is sizzling. They really heat up the sheets! It was nice to see that their friendship was so strong in high school that after so long, it was like no time had passed. I loved what Nathan does for Kelsey in the end! While, I'm not a huge fan of HFN endings, this one was pretty satisfying.