Complete Me: A Novel

Complete Me: A Novel - J. Kenner The thing I hate about trilogies is that once I have read the third book, I know the story is over. While I am happy with the ending, I am also sad say goodbye to characters I have come to love. That is how I feel about the Stark trilogy. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series as a whole. Two damaged people find one another and through their love, they learn to heal and look toward the future.

In the final book, Damien and Nikki's relationship is pushed to the limits. Damien is on trial for murder in Germany. Someone is stalking and threatening Nikki. There is a lot against them but relying on each other gets them through. As in the other books, the love scenes are very hot. There are light BDSM elements, but they really enhance the relationship between the couple. I loved the end although I wanted more. Maybe we will get a novella that takes place a few month or years later? I would love to see how they are doing. I look forward to seeing what Ms. Kenner comes out with next.