The Ideal Man

The Ideal Man - Julie Garwood *Review will be posted on From the TBR Pile on 2/3/12

I had been looking forward to reading Julie Garwood's latest for a while now. It finally hit the top of my TBR pile and I devoured it. The Ideal Man has a great balance of romance, mystery and action. Everything I love about a good romantic suspense! Ellie and Max are great characters. I loved the chemistry between the two of them. Ellie is a strong female character and is very well matched to Max's confident and protective nature. Who wouldn't want to fall in love with a guy like Max? I was so rooting for their HEA.

There are a couple of mysteries going on in this book. Ms. Garwod throws in a few twists that keep you guessing. The peripheral characters of the book round out the tale nicely. Ellie's family is entertaining, especially her bridezilla sister. The only thing that I didn't like about the book was the side story of her sister's missing baby daddy. I felt like the story line was thrown in as an after thought and the resolution to it was way too rushed. I think the book would have done well without it. I can't wait to see what Ms. Garwood comes out with next!