Angel Creek

Angel Creek - Linda Howard This one was a sweet book. There isn't much that really goes on in it in the way of adventure. It is more a story about two people so right for each other and how they learn to trust one another enough to be partners. Lucas and Dee are very well matched in temperament and passion. Being a Linda Howard book, you know you are getting very well written and steamy love scenes. While I liked Dee and Lucas's story, I think I enjoyed Olivia and Luis more. Their relationship was so cute. Their fall into love was slow and a bit more believable. I liked how Olivia stood up to her parents in the end and chose Luis instead of them. It was the right thing to do.

This is a nice throwback of Ms. Howard's. Any fan will want to pick it up. I listened to the audio version and the narrator was excellent. I am a big fan of Natalie Ross and I know I can count on her to read a great story!