Daring - Dee Davis This novella is one of the reasons that I really dislike reading a series out of order. I haven't read any of the preceding books to this novella, so I don't know any of the back story about the organization A-Tac or the peripheral characters that show up in the book. I had the feeling of walking into the theater halfway through a movie and jsut couldn't catch up.

Having said that, Daring was just OK for me. I think if I had more back story for both Lara and Rafe I would have liked both of them more than I did. I didn't get the sense that I knew either charter enough to like either of them. The action in the story was engaging and I liked the question "Is Rafe a good guy or not?", but beyond that the story felt flat. The romance just seemed too forced and wasn't believable.

I am intrigued enough to go back and read the books preceding this novella. Maybe I'll come to appreciate it more if I do.