Bad Boys Do

Bad Boys Do - Victoria Dahl Bad Boys Do was a bit more emotional than the first book. I felt so badly for Jamie. Yes, he has been a major screw up in the past, but he is now trying so hard to change and become a more responsible person. He just can't get his siblings to see it. Also, he just can't seem to catch a break. When he decides to quit the business, it was heartbreaking. I thought that Olivia was good for Jamie. Although her thinking she was old at 35 made me want to slap her. Really? I know her husband did a number on her by making her think she was boring, but still. Despite that, I liked her. She was strong and in the end figured out that she could make it on her own and trust her heart to another again. I thought that Jamie and Olivia were good for each other. They both helped each other grow up a little. They also had tons of chemistry. The mirror scene was pretty hot! There is some healing between the siblings' relationship in this one. Definitely recommend!