Not Even for Love

Not Even for Love - Sandra Brown, Karen Ziemba Overall, I liked this story. I do like "love at first sight" tales. There are plenty of pretty steamy love scenes packed into this book. In fact, I think they are some of the best love scenes I have read by Ms. Brown.

I really liked Reeves character. It is fun to see a guy fall hard and fast. He is a fun-loving guy who has a good sense of humor. However, I didn't care for Jordan. I thought she was a bit wimpy. She went from one bad marriage to almost marrying another man just like the first one. For someone who was willing to move to a different country for a fresh start, she had no courage to speak her mind with Helmut and let him dictate for her. I also detested how she strung Helmut along.

I listened to the audio version of this one. It's a quick book with only 5 CDs. Worth listen if you want a fast romantic indulgence.