Taken Away

Taken Away - Patty Friedmann Taken Away takes you inside the days preceding and post Hurricane Katrina as seen through the eyes of a fifteen year old girl. Along with her anxieties about the disaster, she also faces a devastating blow to her family unit. Her baby sister is kidnapped from the hospital sometime during the evacuation chaos.

I liked the concept for this book. The author did a great job of conveying the desperation that the family felt as they realize their loved one is gone. I also got a good sense of the chaos that surrounded city in the aftermath of the hurricane. But, I just didn't like any of the characters. I really did not like the parents or the decisions that they made. I had a hard time believing that any mother would allow herself to be denied access to her child in the ICU. That just doesn't happen. Then, they don't seem to be very proactive in trying to search for their missing child. The way they treat Sumbie was just atrocious. Imagine actually accusing your daughter of killing her baby sister. That didn't wash with me. I also wasn't left with the sense that anything had changed within the dynamic of the family in the end. So, as I said, I loved the concept, but not the characters.