In Dreams

In Dreams - Nora Roberts This audiobook recently became available at my library and being a fan of Nora's, I was eager to listen to it. In Dreams is a short story, so the audio is only 3 CDs. If you have a long commute to work like I do, you could easily listen to it in a day's commute. The narrator, Justine Eyre, did a good job with the story and accents. I have heard her before and she has always made the audiobooks pretty enjoyable.

Because this is a short story, the characters are thrown together and fall in love very quickly. I'm not sure I believed Caileen's feelings for Flynn. I'm not sure she would really be able to feel anything for him but lust. But given that Flynn has dreamed of her for 500 years, I do believe that he loves her very deeply. It is a cute fantasy tale. Not Nora's best, but you really can't go too wrong with anything you read by her.

I have not read the anthology in which this one is featured. Once Upon a Dream also features authors Jill Gregory, Marianne Willman, Ruth Ryan Langan.