Come Back to Me

Come Back to Me - Melissa Foster Come Back to Me is the latest book by Melissa Foster. Come Back to me is a beautifully written and heart wrenching tale. It is really two stories in one. First, Tess is waiting for her husband to return from assignment and finds out she is pregnant. While trying to cope with how this will change their 5 year plan, she find out he has been killed. The struggle with how she comes to terms with not only her pregnancy, but putting her life back together was very realistic. I could really feel her internal struggles. The second story is of Beau and his struggle to get back to the woman he loves. The situation he finds himself in was written very well. Ms. Foster was able to realistically convey the horrors of war to the reader as well as the cruelty that some women encounter in the area.

Come Back to Me is a lot more intense than the last book I read by Ms. Foster. I have to admit that I enjoyed the book until the end. It wasn't the ending I would have liked to see and I'm not sure I walked away satisfied. Despite that, it is a compelling read and one I know fans will enjoy. I look forward to seeing what Ms. Foster has in store for us next!