No Holly for Christmas

No Holly for Christmas - Julie N. Ford No Holly For Christmas is the latest offering by Julie N. Ford. It involves defense attorney, Brian McAlister, who was featured in an earlier book, The Woman He Married. While I hadn't read that book, I never felt like I was out of the loop. Ms. Ford did a great job of getting you up to speed on the Brian's background. No Holly for Christmas works well as a stand alone book. No Holly For Christmas is a romantic suspense. I would say that there is probably more romance than suspense, since you know the bad guys right from the start. The suspense was nail biting though and knowing the culprits didn't lessen my enjoyment of it.

At the heart of this story are two people who have been hurt in the past who find a second chance in each other. I will admit that I didn't like Holly at all when I first met her. I thought she was superficial and snobby. But, as Brian got to know her, I quickly changed my mind. The outward appearance may be perfect, but as you get into the person she really is, you can see she is just a woman who is trying to survive. I loved Brian and Holly together. Brian's "a-ha" moment when he realizes what he is about to pass up is very sweet. I also loved the end. Just perfect.

I definitely recommend this one. It is a good clean romance. I applauded Holly for sticking to her convictions about sex without marriage. It was refreshing to read about a character who isn't swayed into changing her mind.