Sweet Talk

Sweet Talk - Julie Garwood, Angela Dawe I'm a fan of Ms. Garwood's books. I was really looking forward to Sweet Talk. While it wasn't the best of her books that I have read, it was still enjoyable. I think what I enjoyed thew moat was the romance. Grayson and Olivia were great together. I loved how he just barrels his way into Olivia's life and won't take no for an answer. Especially when she is so reluctant to commit.

The mystery wasn't that exciting. It really wasn't too hard to figure out who is trying to kill Olivia. The secondary mystery was a little more surprising. I didn't see that solution coming. I liked the addition of the Pips. I hope that future books feature the other three friends. Maybe Collins will be next? I think fans will enjoy this book. The audio book was well done. I always enjoy a book read by Angela Dawes.