Down the Darkest Road

Down the Darkest Road - Tami Hoag Down the Darkest Road is the third book in the Oak Knoll series. I have enjoyed the series so far and this one was no exception. While you basically know who the "killer" is from the start, the journey to catching him is very exciting. Ms. Hoag throws in a few twists that had me surprised. The reader also gets glimpses of past characters, which is always nice to see. The book is set in the early 90s when technology isn't up to today's level. It was refreshing to see them solve the mystery without the use of high tech equipment and super fast computers.

While I enjoyed this one, I really felt the loss of the romantic element in the book. There is really no love interest for Tony, just the smallest hint of one. I would have liked to see him find someone in this book. Maybe in the next one? I listened to the audio version and it was very good. While it is the 3rd in a series, I do feel that it could be a stand alone novel. There is enough background presented that the reader doesn't feel lost.