Phantom Shadows

Phantom Shadows - Dianne Duvall When I finished reading Phantom Shadows, I was sad and happy at the same time. Happy because I LOVED the book and sad that I have to wait so long for the next one. Ms. Duvall has done it again. The third installment in the Immortal Guardian series was just so good. I am so loving this series and the characters. Not only are the books well written, they are filled with action, romance, humor and very hot and sexy immortals! What's not to love?

Bastien Newcombe has come along way from the first book. While most of the other Immortals still dislike him, they are slowly starting to trust him. Dr. Melanie Lipton wants to get to know him a lot better. I loved these two together. Melanie is a great match for Bastien. I loved her forwardness and determination. It really seemed to throw Bastien for a loop. In addition to their love story, the rest of the Immortal family plays a big part in this book. It was nice to see and have the others involved. I won't say how, but Ami plays a huge part. She is one of my favorites in the series, so I was thrilled she was in the book.

While the ending was a sweet HEA for Bastien and Melanie, the book left me wanting more! It's not a cliff hanger in the traditional sense, but having to wait to see how Ami's situation will play out is going to drive me crazy! I did find out that Richart is getting his own novella, In Still Darkness, in May, 2013 in the anthology, Predatory. I'll be stalking Amazon for that because it will have to tide me over until Etienne's book comes out in September, 2013.

If you are a fan of paranormal romance or you are looking to try something new, definitely try this series out. I would recommend reading it in order, so start with Darkness Dawns and then Night Reigns. You won't be sorry!