Embraced - Rebecca Royce Embraced is the second in The Conditioned series by Rebecca Royce. I reviewed the first in the series, Eye Contact back in November. What I did like about the book was that there was more information about the Conditioned and how things have changed for them since the first book. Madame was intriguing, even if she was evil. Who doesn't like a good villain? It is interesting the the institutions choose a conditioned person to keep the others in line. I also liked more of a glimpse into Guy and his cause from the island.

While I did enjoy this one, I'm not sure I felt the connection between Benedicte and Seven. It wasn't as strong as in the first book. Mainly the reason is that the characters don't spend much time together and then there is a gap of 5 years before they see each other again. Also, I liked Seven's character more after the 5 year separation. I felt like her character fit Benedicte better.

Embraced is a good addition to the series. I hope that the next book is Roman's. For a fierce Fury, he is still a sweet guy and needs his own HEA! Pick up both books, I think they are great.