Calhoun - Diana Palmer For the most part, I liked this one. Calhoun and Abby have known each other for a while and so I did believe their feelings in this one. Abby has been in love with Calhoun for a while, but he still sees her as a little girl. I could understand Calhoun's reluctance at first to enter into any type of relationship with the woman who has been his "ward" for the past 5 years. Even though Abby is extremely naive and inexperienced, I ended up liking her in the end. She seemed to find her voice and became a stronger person. I had a hard time with the "virginal" blush and shock at an "intimate kiss" thing but I guess if you have been sheltered for so long, you wouldn't know what to do either. In all not a bad start.

A couple of comments: The book did seem dated to me. Especially with the clothing descriptions as well as the way the women are treated in the book. I wasn't surprised it was written in the 80s. The other comment is that I seem to be finding a running trend in Ms. Palmer's books. Every woman is a naive virgin. What's up with that?