Illusions (In the Arms of the Law, #1)

Illusions (In the Arms of the Law, #1) - Kacey Hammell Illusions is a quick and enjoyable romantic suspense, . Isabella has experienced loss in her life and that has made her shy away from commitment and "happily ever after". What a better to have the best of both worlds, than to have an affair with her best friend. It's supposed to be no strings attached, friend with benefits, right? She quickly find out how wrong she was. Brady figures he has the perfect woman for him, but he has to convince Isabella of that fact. It was refreshing to have the guy be in the one in love and ready to admit it first. I also liked that they had a friendship first before the love affair. You could tell that they really did care about each other. My only complaint about the story is that I wish it had been longer. I felt like the mystery part came out of nowhere. It would have been nice to have more of a build up to it. Despite that, I think romantic suspense fans will enjoy this one. I know I did.