Reckless - Amanda Quick I have read several of Ms. Quick's historical romances and have really enjoyed them. While I liked Reckless, I didn't love it. I'm not really sure why. I did like the mystery. Trying to figure out who keep trying to kill Phoebe was hard. While I was able to call some of the ending, I was a bit surprised as well.

I think it had to do with the characters. I didn't care for Phoebe. She was brave and determined, but she was a little stupid as well. If someone is trying to kill you, stay home. There is a time to be courageous and a time to be smart. I will admit that Gabriel did go about trying to keep her home the wrong way though. I would probably want to rebel if I had been ordered to stay home. I did like Gabriel though. He was a great match for Phoebe. I loved the scene where she is assessing his performance during her "first time". That was pretty amusing. Poor guy, I felt bad for him. So, for fans of Ms. Quick, it is probably worth a listen. Definitely not my favorite though.