Sugar And Spice And Not So Nice

Sugar And Spice And Not So Nice - Janet McNulty Sugar and Spice and Not So Nice is a pretty quick read. It was a cute and, at times, funny mystery. Mellow Summers heads to Vermont for college. What she didn't expect was getting a mystery and a ghost as well. Rachel was murdered a year before and she wants Mellow to help her figure out what happened. After agreeing to help, Mellow finds herself in some sticky situations. She also acquires some unique friends, like an entire biker gang! I enjoyed this mystery as it was a lot of fun to read. My only problem with it was that Mellow is 26, yet at times, she acted more like a typical college student of 18 or 19. Not a big deal, but it did bother me. If you are looking for a fun read, pick this one up!