Tumbleweed Heights

Tumbleweed Heights - Joan Bird I was very interested in reading Tumbleweed Heights when I read the synopsis. While I liked the overall story, I found it was just OK for me.

What I liked: The main characters, Gilly and Luke were very good together. I really enjoyed their easy banter between each other. There were a few times I couldn't help but giggle. Their attraction was instant and I liked that they built up to loving each other. I was intrigued by both of their secrets and I was rooting for them in the end.

What I didn't like: I had a hard time getting through the book. The writing seemed a bit disjointed to me. There were times when I felt I had missed something or wasn't given a bit of information to figure out what was going on. Also, there was a lot of inner reflection in the middle of conversations and that made some scenes drag on longer than necessary.

It is a pretty quick read and I think the characters are interesting. Give it a shot and see for yourself.