The Sense of an Ending

The Sense of an Ending - Julian Barnes Throughout this book, Veronica says, "You just don't get it and you never will" That is how I felt after I read this book. I didn't get it. What was the point? That being said, I didn't really care for it. If it had been longer than 4 discs, I think this would have become a DNF book for me. I don't think I could have stood listening to it for much longer than that. Throughout the whole book, I felt like I was reading a philosophy paper. I get that the author was trying to prove a point about memory and the part it plays in history. It just didn't work for me with this book.

The big twist at the end fell so short for me. I hated the ending. Just because Tony wrote a letter 40 years earlier in the heat of the moment that made one small suggestion, he should feel responsible for the outcome of 4 other people's lives? Really? What about those other people's part in their own lives? This book got great reviews, but unfortunately I am not one of those that liked it.