The Pajama Diaries: Deja To-Do!

The Pajama Diaries: Deja To-Do! - Terri Libenson I had a hard time reading The Pajama Diaries without bursting out with major giggles. It was so good that I read it in one sitting. For anyone who is a mom, working or stay at home, you will appreciate this book! While I enjoyed the entire book, I would have to say two of my favorites are "Contents of a Child's Lunch box: Morning vs Afternoon" and the one with the checklist for figuring out if a child is sick enough to stay home from school. I have that same checklist that I use often!

I can't imagine that any mom would be able to read these strips without finding something they can relate to as well. Several of the strips resemble my life so much it is scary. There are even some strips that the dads out there will be able to nod their heads at while they are reading. I haven't seen the author's comic strip in the paper, but I will be looking for it in the future. This would make a great birthday gift or even a just thinking of you gift for that special hardworking mom. If you are in need of a good laugh pick this one up!