The Queen's Vow: A Novel Of Isabella Of Castile

The Queen's Vow: A Novel Of Isabella Of Castile - C.W. Gortner I'm not normally a reader of historical fiction that involves a real person. I normally shy away because there is no way anyone would know what a person was thinking so many years ago. But, I am always up for trying something new. The Queen's Vow is the story of Queen Isabella of Castille and is told from her point of view. I knew nothing about this queen going into the story. I only knew that she financed the Columbus's trip to the Americas.

The author did a great job of capturing the feel of the time period. Isabella did not live a charmed life as one would think a future queen might. Instead, it was hard and filled with danger. She seemed to be a brave woman with very strong religious convictions. Together with her husband, they were able to take back Spain and become powerful rulers. I liked their love story and can only hope that their relationship was as happy in real life. I thought the book was well written and interesting. There were a few times that I thought the book dragged a bit. Overall, I think anyone who likes this genre will enjoy the book. One thing I did enjoy was the afterward by the author. It give some more insight into the queen and her history. It's worth checking it out!