The Pursuit of Mary Bennet: A Pride and Prejudice Novel

The Pursuit of Mary Bennet: A Pride and Prejudice Novel - Pamela Mingle The Pursuit of Mary Bennet is the first Pride & Prejudice "sequel" that I have read. P&P is one of my favorite books so I was a little wary. I did ultimately enjoy the book. I think once I let go of the original story and just got into Mary's story, I was able to enjoy it more. For the most part, the author stayed true to the characters. This was a big concern and I was happy to see the book didn't read like a fan fiction story where everything is changed.

The story takes place a few years after P&P. Mary is still living at home. Lydia has left her husband, is hugely pregnant, and has moved home. Mary has come a long way and has matured some since we first met her. It was nice to see how much she had changed. I really felt bad for her. She isn't treated well by most of her family. As one of her sisters points out, she hasn't really felt what it is like to be loved. Therefore, she doesn't really know how to love. This definitely complicates things when Henry Walsh begins to show an interest in her. I was hoping that she would get her HEA in the end. There were a couple of surprises for the Bennets and, as always, a hint of scandal.

The book is a pretty quick read and could be read in an afternoon. I think any fan of P&P will enjoy reading this imagining of Mary's story. As for me, I'm not sure I will seek out many more "sequels". Unless, of course, they can be as good as this one.