The Fever Tree

The Fever Tree - Jennifer McVeigh Let me start by saying that The Fever Tree is a beautifully written book. The way the author describes the African landscape was wonderful. I did feel like I was a part of the story. She also does a wonderful job of giving us a glimpse into life at the time and the struggles the people went through trying to make it.

Having said that, I didn't like the book as much as I was hoping I would. In a way, I was a little bored and I found myself putting the book down a lot. I ended up skimming parts of the book that dragged. I had a hard time connection with the characters. I didn't like either of the men involved in the "love triangle". In my opinion neither of them was honest with Frances and neither really deserved her. While she did make some incredibly dumb moves, I kind of felt bad for her and her situation. I think it is unfair to ask a woman who is used to money and privilege to all of a sudden give that up with no prior warning.

I do think that the book is one that every reader should try for themselves. I have seen some great reviews, so I encourage others to give it a try. It just wasn't for me.