A Single Breath

A Single Breath - Lucy Clarke I really enjoyed A Single Breath. It's a beautifully written and engaging book. I flew through it because I just had to see how Eva was going to end up after so much tragedy. After her husband dies, she travels to Tasmania to visit his family. She isn't received well and soon finds out that everything her husband Jackson told her was a lie. Did he ever really love her and where does she go from here?

This is one of those book that has some major surprises that would ruin the book if discussed in a review, so I'll leave them out. I was surprised at most of the things that Eva finds out about Jackson. As each lie is uncovered, I began to really despise the man and was kind of glad he was out of Eva's life. I really felt for her though. I thought the author did a amazing job of walking the reader through Eva's grief as she mourns each new lie her husband told her. But, the book isn't all heavy because as with mourning and loss there is also healing and the promise of hope. Eva finds that in Saul, Jackson's brother. I was so rooting for them through to the end! While Jackson and Eva's romance was whirlwind and intense, the love that grows between Saul and Eva is gradual and deep. Their relationship just made sense to me.

This is a wonderful book and one I highly recommend to any reader. I really makes me want to visit Australia even more and maybe try free diving! I look forward to seeing what comes next from this wonderful writer.