The Idea of Him: A Novel

The Idea of Him: A Novel - Holly Peterson The Idea of Him was a much different book then I thought I was getting. I thought I was getting a book about a husband who cheats on his wife and what happened after. Instead I got a convoluted story about investment fraud with not likable characters. In the end I'm still not completely sure what all of the players had their hands in and what was really going on. I felt like the book was trying to be a thriller/mystery, but it fell short for me.

This book ended up being just an OK read. I didn't care for Allie's character at all. She was too wishy-washy. I thought it took her way too long to end it with Wade after she discovered his multiple infidelities. It was almost like she didn't really care. Instead it was the loss of their money that sent her to a lawyer. That just didn't ring true for me. In the end, I didn't get the feeling that she had changed at all and would keep looking for "male crutches" the rest of her life.

There have been mixed reviews on this book. In the end it just wasn't my cup of tea. But, give it a try, maybe you will like it.

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