The Runaway Highlander (The Highland Renegades)

The Runaway Highlander (The Highland Renegades) - R. L. Syme The Runaway Highlander is the second in Highland Renegades series. I hadn't read the first book,before diving into this one. The story is an exciting book with lots of adventure, bad guys and swoon-worthy Scotsman. It's definitely worth trying out. My only complaint was that I wish I had read the first book in the series. In the beginning I felt like I was missing back story. But, despite that, I enjoyed reading Aedan and Anne's story.

I felt so badly for Anne and her sister and their situation. I was really hoping that their mother and the Sheriff would get what was coming to them. I loved Aedan the most. He is just trying to do the right thing for the people he loves, even if it means selling his sword and his life to the highest bidder. What he did in the end for Anne was incredible. I urge you to give this author a try and and see if you fall in love with Aedan like I did.