Low Pressure

Low Pressure - Sandra Brown I really enjoyed the book. The mystery is solid and I loved the twist at the end. Actually, there are a few twists in the book so that I was kept guessing right up until the end.

I loved the characters. Bellamy is haunted by the past and attempts to jog her memory by writing a book about her sister's murder. The problem is that the book stirs up a lot of questions. Was the right man convicted? And what is it about that day that Bellamy can't remember? I thought she was strong heroine, although her thoughts about her relationships with men were a bit misguided. I have read in some reviews that readers thought Dent was a jerk. I have to disagree. I loved his character. He wasn't afraid to be blunt and he made me laugh numerous times. His behavior toward Bellamy and her family, IMHO, was justified. He had been wrongly accused and treated appallingly by them after Susan was murdered. Yes, he comes across as a jerk, but he isn't really.