Aftershocks - Catherine Coulter After reading a number of early historical books by Ms. Coulter, I figured I'd give one of her early contemporary romances a try. I can't say that I really enjoyed Aftershocks that much. It started out great. Elliot meets and flirts with "George" at a volleyball game. There is a definite attraction between the two of them. There is a bit of a mystery around George and who she really is. Then we find out that she is a model, 23 and very inexperienced. She has chosen Elliot to show her "the ways of loving". At this point I was rolling my eyes.

Neither character was very likable. I thought Elliot was just too old fashioned in his ways of thinking. He acts way to old for his age. George just came across as a spoiled brat who got everything she wanted. Her behavior and downward spiral in the end was just ridiculous. Ms. Coulter is a wonderful writer and has much better writings out there. I think you can safely skip this throwback. You won't be missing much.