Ice Cold

Ice Cold - Cherry Adair Oh T-FLAC, how I have missed you! I have been waiting for Ice Cold for a long time and boy it didn't disappoint! After reading the T-FLAC psi ones, I was happy to get back to basics. Ice Cold is a riveting , nail biting adventure. It also has a very hot and steamy romance. Ms. Adair really knows her way around a love scene!

Honey and Rafael are so great together. Honey is known as the "Ice Princess" because she never shows any emotion and seems to have no social skills at all. Rafael is known as a stallion in the bedroom. Deep down, though, they have a lot in common. Both are loners and both are seeking a connection. Boy, do these two connect. I loved Honey's character. There is nothing better than an intelligent, kick-ass female lead!

The overall story was very well planned out. Someone is impersonating Honey and is setting her up to take the fall for several bombings. They suspect it is an old T-FLAC foe, but she is currently locked up in prison. The twists and turns kept me on my seat. Throw in a few bombs and you have a book that you can't put down. I definitely think that Ice Cold could be read as a stand alone novel. After you read this one, why not go back to the start (beginning with The Mercenary) and experience all that is T-FLAC?