Raven On The Wing

Raven On The Wing - Kay Hooper I'm never one to give up on a series if the first book is so-so. So I did end up reading Raven on the Wing (First published in 1987 by Loveswept), which is Josh's story. This one was much better than the first in the series. I loved Josh and Raven. Josh is literally knocked over by pretty brunette, Raven and it is love at first sight. He will do everything he can to win her heart and make her his. The problem is that Raven seems to be living a double life.

There is pretty good suspense plot woven into this romance. I loved the twist at the end! The reader is also introduced to Josh's friends/employees who look to be the subjects of the later books. I knew all I had to do was trust in the author and the books would get better. I'm looking forward to catching up with the rest of the series.