Learning to Live (Half Moon Harbor Resort, #1)

Learning to Live (Half Moon Harbor Resort, #1) - Marissa Dobson Learning to Live was an interesting novella. Meg can see guardian angels. However, they are everywhere and are driving her crazy,. She comes to a resort to try to get some peace and quiet. There she meets Jay who happens to be a shifter. There is more than meets the eye with him, however. He has a secret that he is reluctant to share with Meg. Initially, I thought their story was a bit rushed, but after their back story is explained, I could see how they were fated to be together. Thankfully, Meg is able to see beyond the past and realize her family is full of Neanderthal brutes. Honestly, I'm not sure how Meg lived with her overbearing family for so long. I was happy with her decision in the end.

If you are looking for some quick and enjoyable reads, try these three by Ms. Dobson. I look forward to seeking out her other works.