Predatory - Alexandra Ivy, Nina Bangs, Dianne Duvall, Hannah Jayne The anthology overall wasn't too bad. I loved one, liked one and was "meh" on the other two. I will admit that I read it mainly for Dianne Duvall's "In Still Darkness" In fact, it was the first one I read out of the four stories. I am a HUGE Immortal Guardians fan, so I couldn't resist skipping ahead. Loved the story! It is Richart's story and takes place during the last two books. We finally get to see who he was texting and talking to on the cell phone during those events. I think the story was very sweet. I loved Richart and Jenna together. The way he courts her just made me melt. My favorite line in the story is when he says, “I am so smitten with you.” That is so sigh worthy! I can't wait for the next full Immortal Guardians novel to come out. So, this was a nice way to tide me over. 4 stars

I am not familiar with the rest of the authors. I did enjoy "Out of Control", by Alexandra Ivy. It is the prequel to a new series that she is coming out with soon. The world she set up looks to be very interesting. I know I'll be looking for the first book when it comes out. 3 stars

As for the other two stories, they were just so-so. "Ties That Bind" started out so creepy, but then it fizzled out. It just happened too fast and I didn't really get the whole "other vampire" thing. I didn't even finish "High Stakes". I didn't like the dialogue and lost interest very quickly. 1-2stars