The Devil's Thief

The Devil's Thief - Samantha Kane The Devil's Thief is the first book I have read by Ms. Kane. It's the first in a new series published by Loveswept. Just knowing Loveswept published it, I knew I was in for an enjoyable read. I wasn't disappointed. I loved the characters in the book. Julianna and Alasdair were so perfect for each other. While it was quick, their romance was very believable. Their meeting helps them both to realize what id truly important.

Along with the sweet romance, the peripheral characters, namely Alasdair's friends, made the book for me. I loved the rapport between the men. There are some very humorous exchanges that had me laughing. Also, Ms. Kane does have a way with writing a love scene. They were well written and very sensual.

This was a pretty quick read for me. I think any lover of historical romance will enjoy this book. Definitely give it a try!