The Perfect Hope

The Perfect Hope - Nora Roberts The Perfect Hope is the final book in the Boonsboro Inn trilogy. I

think it is the best out of the three books. Not only is there a touching love story between Hope and Ryder, we get to finally find out who the ghost of the inn is and why she is haunting the place. One thing I loved about this trilogy was the banter and obvious affection between the brothers and their families. There are quite a few laugh out loud moments.

Ryder and Hope are such opposites that they really compliment each other. Ryder is a man of very few words and is very laid back. He's pretty much a loner. Hope is extremely organized and almost anal about things. She is a constant planner. The chemistry between the two had been heating up since the first book, so it was nice to finally see them get together. The ending was very sweet.

This was a great wrap-up the the trilogy. I am always a little sad when I read the last book in a set by Ms. Roberts. I feel like I'm saying good bye to old friends. I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next.