Paper Valentine

Paper Valentine - Brenna Yovanoff I have very mixed feelings about Paper Valentine. On on hand, I really enjoyed the story. The book did capture my attention very early on and kept me intrigued enough to keep reading. I was dying to find out who the killer was and his/her motivation behind the murders. I also liked the "haunting" of Hannah by her dead fiend, Lillian. I looked at the haunting as Hannah's way of working through her grief at the loss of her best friend to anorexia. Even to the point that I wonder if she was really being haunted.

While I enjoyed the overall storyline, in the end, I was a tiny bit disappointed. Throughout the book, I was expecting more of a ghost story or just more paranormal elements. For instance, emphasis keeps being placed on dying birds, but in the end they really had nothing to do with the story. Instead, I feel this was more of a coming of age story. As Hannah works through solving the mystery, she also works through discovering who she is without her best friend by her side. She even finds a bit of romance along the way. The relationship between Hannah and Finny was very sweet. It was a fast read and good enough to recommend. This is my first book by the author. I am intrigued enough to go out and try her other works.