Master of Love

Master of Love - Catherine LaRoche Master of Love is the debut novel by Ms. LaRoche. I really enjoyed the book It's well written with wonderful characters. Dominick and Callista are the perfect match for each other. Callista wants the world to see her for who she really is; a smart and capable business woman. Dominick wishes he could be himself instead of the flighty playboy that most people believe him to be. I felt really bad for Dominick as he struggled to find the courage to shed his loverboy image and learned to be true to himself. They find in each other true friendship and love. I loved them together. I also loved how their relationship takes its time to grow before they become lovers.

The secondary characters really added a lot to the story. Along with the main relationship there are a couple of side flirtations that were just as endearing. I especially loved Celeste, Dominick's mother. Her little schemes to hook up the various couples were amusing. If you like historical romances with great characters and very steamy loves scenes, this is the book for you. I definitely look forward to Ms. LeRoche's next book!