Words of Silk (Silhouette Desire, #139)

Words of Silk (Silhouette Desire, #139) - Sandra Brown, Erin St. Claire Words of Silk is a fairly decent early offering by Sandra Brown. It was originally published under her pseudonym, Erin St. Claire It is a bit dated in its attitudes toward unwed pregnant mothers. I know it was the times, but it was still. Nowadays, if a kindergarten teacher became pregnant while unmarried, she wouldn't fear losing her job over it. The love scenes were steamy, yet the terminology is laughable. My advice? Just remember the year it was written and go with it.

I was prepared to hate Deke. It seems that he took liberties with a drunk Laney, but as the story progresses, you find out that she remembers everything that happened that night and she was a willing participant. I actually liked Deke. Yes, he does bulldoze his way into Laney's life, but he recognizes that he needs to do that in order to break down her steel walls that she has around her. I was rooting for him and loved the way he wooed her.