The Love Talker

The Love Talker - Elizabeth Peters I'm a fan of Barbara Michaels aka Elizabeth Peters, so I thought I would see if The Love Talker was like the other Barbara Michaels books I have read in the past. It was very similar, but it ended up being just an OK read for me It may have been the narrator of the audiobook. Her voices blended together too much so that it was sometimes hard to figure out who was talking. I may have liked it more if I had read it instead.

The mystery was easy enough to figure out. Even the reveals/twists at the end were nothing earth shattering. Although, I thought that one of the reveals was weird and not really needed. Especially since there was no follow-up with it. It had a major ick factor. The characters were just so-so. Laurie is kind of a flake and makes some dumb decisions. It also got frustrating that the whole reason that Laurie goes back home is because weird things are happening, yet no one wants to talk about it.

I'd say skip this one unless you have read all of her other books under both names. You won't be missing anything.