Dash of Peril

Dash of Peril - Lori Foster I have been waiting to read Dash's story ever since the second book in this series. I just knew that he and Margo would be great together. I was right! I loved this fourth book in the Love Undercover series. It has everything I want in my romantic suspense. Two great characters with amazing chemistry and a good solid mystery as well. The suspense side of the book was really good. Not only is Margo looking for the men who abduct women and take them being assaulted, but someone is out to kill her. I liked the resolution to both mysteries. The final scenes were pretty tense.

As for the romance, I really liked Dash and Margo. I also loved the roll reversal with Margo being the cop and Dash the civilian. Margo is very in control and all business when doing her job. Dash brings out her feminine and relaxed side. I loved the scenes where her squad begins to see her in a different light. They were pretty amusing. Dash has deep respect for Margo and her ability to be a good solid cop. But, I also liked that he still felt the need to protect her, being an alpha male himself. He was unwavering in his feelings for Margo, as well, and that was a nice change. Instead, it was her who kept questioning how she felt and what she wanted. I loved their HEA!

From what I understand this ends this series, but Cannon's book is next and it will start a new series. I hope some of the old gang make appearances! I can't wait!