Losing It

Losing It - Cora Carmack I really enjoyed Losing It and found myself not wanting to put it down. It is well written and a pretty quick read. The attraction between Bliss and Garrick was instant and compelling. Their romance was very sweet. The book deals with her "first time" and all of the anxiety and questions that goes along with it. I loved that Bliss followed her gut feeling and waited until it was truly right for her, not because her best friend thought it was a scandal that it hadn't happened yet. I think that was a great message to send. Along with Bliss' first time, the book deals with a lot of the drama that surround college age adults such as navigating friendships, unrequited love, and what comes after graduation.

Losing It falls under the new category "New Adult". Given the fact that the characters are around 21-24years old, I would say this qualifies. I would keep it to at least upper high school as it deals with sex and drinking. The next book, Faking It comes out this summer. It's Cade's story. I felt so badly for him in Losing it, that I am glad he is getting his own book.