Border Bride

Border Bride - Amanda Scott I really can't honestly say that I enjoyed the book. It wasn't the writing, it was the story-line and the characters. I found nothing romantic or even appealing about a man who abuses his wife, not only verbally but physically. He spends the entire story berating Mary Kate, spanking/slapping her, and treating her like dirt. His blatant flirtatious behavior toward his cousin and other women at parties was just in poor taste. I also saw no point in the child out of wedlock story-line How cruel can one get by not warning his wife about that one ahead of time? I kept hoping that Adam would get a clue, but he never got there. I didn't once believe his declaration in the end. I just felt badly for Mary Kate. She is so naive and never really finds her true back bone.

I understand that this story is probably very true to the time period. Relationships like this were probably more the norm. Knowing that doesn't make me like it any better. Some people may enjoy a story like this, but it just wasn't for me.