Unforgivable - Tina Wainscott Overall, I enjoyed the book. It has a creepy husband, small town gossip and a swoon worthy lost love. My main issue with the book was that it had so much foreshadowing, that if you pay close attention, you will have all of the "twists" figured out long before the end of the book reveals. Even knowing I had pretty much figured everything out way ahead of time, didn't take away from my enjoyment though.

At first, I was angered by Katie and her subordinate behavior. But when I reminded myself that she had pretty much grown up only knowing how to be this way, I started to feel sorry for her. I was happy she finally snapped out of it and got a backbone! Normally, I'm not a fan of infidelity books, but her husband, Dr. Ben, was so creepy and controlling, that I was glad when Katie hooked up with Silas. Honestly, I didn't blame her.